All About Us

A Specialist Mobile Pet Food Business. Premium, Natural, British Pet Foods, Delivered Direct To Your Door.


We are a nationwide pet food, home delivery, company who specialise in complete, natural premium dog, cat and small mammal foods. We also offer bird seeds, fish foods, a countryside range, treats & accessories for all domestic pets, plus pet care items, feeding accessories, toys and food storage solutions.

Caring for your pet starts with good feeding and great nutrition. The Trophy range of foods is designed to provide all the nourishment your pet requires in a carefully balanced meal. Trophy Pet Foods are not large commercial suppliers of pet foods who concentrate on manufacturing large volumes and market share. Instead we produce consistent premium foods of uncompromising quality. We specially select the best ingredients available ensuring that they are nutritious, wholesome and palatable. Above all, our foods are natural, and made right here, in the UK. We then deliver these products to you via your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser or our mail order / on line ordering service.

Here at Trophy we understand that high quality nutrition, appropriate to age, lifestyle and preference, is the first step towards enjoying a happier, healthier and longer life together. We also know that palatability, taste and texture are the reasons pets enjoy our food so much. Therefore we offer free samples or a free Trophy taste test - a nutritional consultation - in the comfort of your home so that your pets get the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’.

After feeding Trophy pet foods for a short while you will be able to see the difference through your pet’s healthy skin, glossy coat, bright eyes, strong teeth and bones, healthy joints, strong muscles and fully functioning & healthy digestive system. Plus we are so confident that our foods will meet or exceed your expectations that we are able to offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee – ask your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser for details.

We encourage you to read the label on your current brand and compare the ingredients to the Trophy range. Trophy Pet Foods have no need for small print and we declare in full the ingredients and analysis of our foods along with simple feeding guides. You should find that you do not need to feed as much food as you do currently. The feeding guides can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Quality Super Premium Pet Foods

Please ask to see our product leaflets which fully explain in detail all about our foods and the key benefits they offer. Order your food here.

Free Samples / Trophy Taste Test

Your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser will offer you free samples of our foods to try before you buy or conduct a Trophy Taste Test and nutritional consultation allowing your pets to choose their favourite Trophy food. For ease we also offer starter packs. We know your pets will enjoy their new food, but this way reassures you that you are making the correct choice for a healthier lifestyle. Order free samples or book a nutritional consultation here.

Customer Service & Nutritional Hotline

As well as your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser, who can offer you ongoing nutritional advice, we have a customer service department who can also help. Manned by experts in pet nutrition we are here to help, answer your queries or tell you all about Trophy Pet Foods. 01367 240333.

Treats & Accessories

We all love to treat our pets. Your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser can deliver all your pets’ treats, accessories, pet care items and toys. Please ask to visit the mobile pet shop in your Local Advisers delivery vehicle, or order them on line from this website.

Microchipping Service & Dog Weighing Service

Most Trophy Nutritional Advisers are fully trained and registered to carry out this simple procedure in the comfort of your home, rather than the stressful environment of the vets. Please ask them for details and prices. Free advice on microchipping is available. Our dog weighing service is free of charge and a great way to monitor your dogs overall condition.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our foods are made fresh most weeks and we pay a premium for the best ingredients. This allows us to offer you our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have not seen a difference in your dog or cat after feeding your first bag for 28 days or are not satisfied we will refund or replace the product for you. Do ask for full details.

The Trophy Customer Reward Scheme

Here at Trophy we know you will be happy with the products and services you receive. We therefore ask that you recommend friends, work colleagues, neighbours or family members to Trophy. You will then be rewarded for your efforts with a small gift (defined by your local Adviser)*.
(* Participating franchisees only)

Non Animal Testing and Ethical Accreditation

Trophy Pet Food is against animal testing and is very proud to hold an independent accreditation by the Ethical Company Organisation. The food is proudly made in the U.K. at our own plant, supporting British Agriculture.

Free Home Delivery

All our foods and products can be delivered free to your home via your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser. Deliveries can be made at a time to suit both parties and all advice and services can be carried out in the comfort of your home. We are never far away and a delivery is just a phone call or email away. There is no need to run out of food; we will establish regular contact to ensure that you receive your next bag on time; this in turn will ensure that your pet remains in peak condition.

Free Nutritional & Special Needs Advice

All our local Trophy Nutritional Advisers are fully trained in the Trophy Products and Pet Nutrition to ensure you receive the correct products for your pets. They are backed up by Experts at Head Office, our Qualified Nutritionist and our Consultant Veterinary Surgeon.

Free Pet Insurance

As a customer of Trophy Pet Foods you can benefit from 4 weeks free pet insurance, when you take out a new full policy with Pet Plan. With our free home delivery, free nutritional advice, dog weighing service and 4 weeks free pet insurance, being a customer of Trophy Pet Foods, has never been so beneficial. Please ask your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser for full details next time they call.