Trophy Ultra-Premium Single Serve Wet Cat Food

A complete wet cat food, ideal for adult cats who prefer wet food entirely or some wet food alongside their usual complete kibble Trophy Premium Cat Food. 

Naturally delicious, gently cooked to lock in flavour, all in its very own pot. Easy peel and serve, no waste. Great texture, with three varieties to choose from or try a mixed variety box. 

  • Grain free recipes
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Added taurine for a healthy heart and long term vitality
  • High quality protein for supporting and maintaining muscle mass
  • Optimum meat content to suit your cats' digestion
  • Mannan-oligosaccharides aid healthy digestion and support the immune system
  • Bioton helps to support a heathly shiny coat, skin and paw pads
  • Added calcium for healthy bones and teeth
  • Enriched with seaweed, herbs, vitamins and minerals