Elite Franchising’s Top 100 Awards
February 1, 2020

Elite Franchising’s Top 100 Awards

We are delighted to report that Trophy Pet Foods has made the list of Elite Franchises top 100 for the third year running. Matt Snell, Managing Director of Trophy Pet Foods, collected the award at HSBC Tower on Canary Wharf at a presentation evening on Thursday the 30th of Jan.

The evening kicked off with a speech by Scott English, Brand Director of Elite Franchise, who congratulated franchisors for their incredible success.

“It has been a very hard year in terms of EF100, we get a lot more applications of people who want to get in,” Scott said. “The applications are getting much stronger, but it’s still fantastic whether you are a small franchise brand or you are a massive international brand, it’s amazing how these brands can compete against each other and all have the same opportunity which is really good if you’re trying to make your name in the market. We love to hear about your successes, it actually gives us motivation.

“When we’re seeing all these great stories about what you achieved over the last few years... I’m a big fan about entrepreneurial stories, it keeps us going. We love watching and being a part of your journey over the last three years. The first time we launched EF100 three years ago, the companies are now massive or have over 40 franchises and we see that journey, and it’s really great to see that.”

[Source: Elitefranchise news article. View the full story by Latifa Yedroudj here]

Trophy are proud of our #44 ranking and being in the company of some franchising giants and would like to express our tanks to HSBC and Elite Franchising Magazine for a truly memorable evening.  Here is the full listing of the top #100 franchises: http://elitefranchisemagazine.co.uk/ef100.