Trophy Pet Foods Salisbury and Andover

Welcome to Trophy Pet Foods Salisbury & Andover! 

Hello and welcome to Trophy Pet Foods Salisbury & Andover, our new (2020) franchise acquisition and new adventure for myself and my partner David.

Approximately 14-years ago I was drawn to a Trophy stand at a show that had 2 magnificent golden retrievers snoozing by the stand. On the end of my lead was 14-week goldie and I thought... “I want my dog to look like them when he grows up!” So, I became a customer and had the feed delivered to my door (free of charge) thereafter. In 13-years my beloved Bailey never had any health issues. He was lucky, but I genuinely believe that a quality food played a key part, so I jumped at the chance to acquire the franchise when it became available.

I have a 10-year old re-homed chocolate lab (Boo), again with no health issues and a 7-month goldie (Alfie) who will also grow up on Trophy dog food. They don’t have the same food because they don’t have the same needs. But Trophy has over 20 lines to tailor the diet to the dog and its lifestyle.

I also have a cat Ronnie, and yes, he too is thriving on the dry Trophy cat food!

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