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About Me

I have been a Trophy franchisee since August 2017 and hold an independent pet nutirtional qualification enabling me to recommend and advise on the most suitable foods for your pets. What a great job, helping my lovely furry customers to live healthy and happy lives!

I am joined on my delivery rounds by our rescue dog Beau, a Mioritic Shephered Cross. He is a key member of the Team and loves coming with me in the van, especially when we stop in some of the most beautiful countryside that Sussex has to offer and we stretch our legs. Beau loves his Trophy Special with a sprinkling of Trophy Flea-Get-Me-Not.

Business Associates

Much of our good work would not be possible without the support of our business associates and I would like to acknowledge and recommend them here on my webpage:

Lorna Martin – Barking Mad Hastings -

Julie Hilliard – Puppy School Hastings -

Nadine Searle – Calmer Canine -

Tesa’s Rescue -

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