Trophy Pet Foods Gloucestershire

Trophy Pet Foods - The One Stop, Local, Mobile Shop for all your pets needs.Delivery Direct to your door.

Trophy Gloucestershire based in Wotton under Edge is run by Phil Stimpson and his Family including Dilly the Dog. We cover the Gloucestershire area from Gloucester to Severn Beach including Stroud and eastwards to beyond Tetbury; a great area for pets and a dog walker’s paradise. Trophy Gloucestershire delivers Dog and Cat food, as well as food for guinea pigs and rabbits and can even feed your hens and goats.


We offer our customers:

Free Delivery

Free Nutritional advice

Free Pet weighing service

Free Samples of cat and dog foods


Customers of Trophy pet foods enjoy the convenience of a good quality pet food delivered to their door. We accept payment by card, cash or cheque, and can deliver whether you’re at home or out at work. With busy lives, sometimes stocking up on pet food is the last thing on your mind. Let us feed your pet and deliver the food when you need it. Contact us


Tel 01453 843590

Mobile  07763 106185