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Welcome to the Trophy Pet Food webpage of John, wife Sharon, sons Lester and Lloyd. We also have  a new member of our team, Cassius, a Golden Retriever puppy who fully appreciates our products! We are looking forward to enjoying the long walks with our dog in the beautiful Dorset area. Our dog, Cassius, will be very lucky as he is able to benefit from the Trophy Food Range. 

Trophy Pet Foods offers:

  • High Quality Products
  • Great value for money 
  • Human grade ingredients 
  • A full product range 
  • Excellent treats and accessories
  • Free home delivery service

We are proud to be part of the Trophy team, where Premium food really does mean British Premium  food. We are in the good shopping guide as an ethical company and we don’t test our products on animals. There is no need to hard sell the product as we believe our products sell themselves. We offer free samples or Trophy Taste Test Trial where the customer (your pet) gets to try our food  before you buy and you also get the correct nutritional advice for your pet.

Your pets will love our foods which are high in Biological Value (BV), this means more food is processed  by your pet, which means up to 50% less waste for you to deal with. The outstanding service you will receive also comes with free delivery, with the personal touch that you don’t get from a large store. We look forward to helping you give your pets the best health and nutritional diet.  John and Sharon

Henry is a healthy Black Labrador Puppy (6 months at time of picture) weighing 17kg - Pictured here with his  owner Kim. Henry is fed on Trophy Puppy.

We have been using Trophy Pet Foods since 2005, we moved abroad for almost 3 years but on return to the  UK in 2010 the 1st thing we did was to find our local Trophy agent! 

We would not feed our 3 dogs any other pet food - take time to read the ingredients of "normal" pet food &  compare to Trophy.  The food really has made a huge difference to our babes. On "normal" dog food they  were sluggish, had dull coats & produced a lot of semi solid "waste".  Ever since introducing them to Trophy  their coats are silky & shiny, their eyes are bright, they are more active and produce less "waste". We now also give them 2 of the Herbal range - one of which we were particularly interested in "Easy Going" as the info said it can help some dogs with car sickness. One of our dogs didn't like car journeys no matter how short - he would drop his head & looked "green around the gills". They have now been on Easy Going  for a couple of months & there is a definite change in him, his head is up he looks out of the window & no longer looks sick & unhappy - fantastic.

As for costing it really does work out to be cheaper than you may think, John (our local agent) weighed our dogs & advised us as to how much their daily intake should be, not only has this maintained their weight but  a sack of food lasts for quite some time. 

John our agent is brilliant - he'll advise us if necessary & if he doesn't know the answer he'll find out. We really do highly recommend Trophy Pet Foods - our dogs eat better than we do! - try for yourselves that is the only way to find out!