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Welcome to Trophy Cumbernauld; covering Condorrat, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth, Kirkintilloch, Lenzie, Mollinsburn, Moodiesburn, Muirhead, Chryston, Stepps to name but a few. I am Mary Burns and I am your local pet food and nutrition expert! I love my work, my customers and more to the point their pets!

I have homed eight Cocker Spaniels during the last 40 years. Danny and Jack, who reached a grand age of 15 and 16 respectively, showed me the benefits of feeding Trophy some 10 years ago. Danny had suffered for many years with some very severe bouts of Colitis. Jack consistently struggled with the dreaded rear end gland problem. When they were 7, someone at my local Dog Training Club suggested I looked at what I fed them and read the ingredients and check out the company ethics. I was horrified at what I found out: meat & animal derivatives, vegetable derivatives, cereal derivatives, sugar, colours, – it got worse - animals tested in laboratories, meat sources from outside the UK, air miles. Something needed to change…


I checked Uncaged the website against animal testing and there were very few options for pet foods not laboratory tested on animals. I tried one which Danny and Jack ate, but their ‘enjoyment’ level did not seem too high! Next I ordered some Trophy Premium Maintenance and we have never looked back. Both dogs’ problems were solved in no time, I was delighted! Then two years later, I started my local franchise. I want everyone to benefit from this wonderful food and if Trophy could do this for Danny & Jack, I know I could help lots of other dogs too. I now provide my free home delivery service to more than 300 animals in your area, and I look forward to meeting more and more.

A lot of my new customers come from recommendations from existing customers which is brilliant, and for which I am very grateful. My vet has referred people to me as well, especially for those dogs with rear end gland problems. I take my Trophy van with its mobile dog shop to local events such as Community Park, fetes, fayres and galas and give free and professional advice on nutrition.

You can also find me out and about with my three dogs Dexter, Spike and Scout. If you want to see what Trophy can do for your dog come and meet Dexter, who has been on Trophy since birth!

Let’s have a chat about your dogs soon…

Mary Burns

Landline 01236 722493     Mobile 07853 074744

Thanks also to the contributors who helped raise the sum of £460 which was presented to the Strathcarron Hospice at Bark in the Park.