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Food Bowls For Dogs Are Not What They Used To Be

Dog food bowls... loads of choice, styles, sizes and colours, made from all sorts of different materials and ranging in price from cheap to massively expensive! So which one is for your dog?

Firstly - Mealtimes are usually one of the highlights of your dog’s daily routine. Do make sure your dog’s feeding bowl is big enough to get his nose in and give each one of your pets their own bowls for food and water.

A bowl which moves around whilst your dog feeds can be frustrating. Buy one which has grippy rubber feet.

Does your dog eat too fast? These slow food bowls for dogs will not only slow them down, but they’ll have more fun eating. Order today. Your dog will thank you for it.

Ceramic bowls are very easy to clean, robust and sturdy. Traditional they may be, but these days there are some lovely designs and they always look good.

Travelling with your dog? This weekend away travel set - a collapsible food or water bowl and food storage bag is ideal for travelling. Dog Travel Set

Does your large breed dog prefer a raised food bowl? These bowls make it more comfortable for them to eat as well as being adjustable to suit their preferred height.

Do ask your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser about any of these dog bowls and order a new one for your dog. They would make a great Christmas present for them...