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My dog is a finicky eater...

You have a dog that has no appetite, is fussy and finicky with his food and you are fed up of trying every dog food brand under the sun. Here are our top tips for encouraging a better feeding regime.

Firstly, some dogs just do not eat very much, but so long as they are fit and healthy they are doing just fine. Every dog is different and some do have small appetites.

  • Don't over-face them, feed in small amounts little and often.
  • Use a complete balanced food which can be left down for ad-lib feeding, allowing your dog to eat when they want. Do change the food regularly, don't just top the bowl up.
  • Add warm water, small amounts of marmite, honey or yogurt to the food to help stimulate an appetite.
  • Do not be tempted to feed human food or feed treats in-between mealtimes - set a feeding regime.
  • Keep all treats and titbits to an absolute minimum. No treats is best!
  • Consider using a herbal blend to promote appetite - Trophy Digestive Aid
  • If the amount of food fed is an issue, consider using a higher nutrient specification which can then be fed in a lower quantity. This will ensure their usual nutrient requirements are met in a smaller amount. 

We would recommend: Trophy Premium Duck and Vegetables, Trophy Special and Trophy Premium Active