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6.6 million households own a dog

The UK's dog population is now at 9 million, a five per cent increase on last year. Of this, the 2018 dog population data from the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association (PFMA) reveals that 6.6 million households now own a dog (300,000 more than last year) and 28 per cent of UK households with children now own a dog, compared to 24 per cent last year. 2018 research has highlighted an increase in the number of households owning a pet and the rise can be attributed to an incease in families owning pets. The number of households with children owning a dog has grown by 11% to 2.3 million, 230,000 more than last year.

There are also 8 million cats, with 5 million households owing a cat, up by 140,000 on last year. 2018 cat population data.

45% of UK households (13 million) own a pet. This figure is 600,000 more than last year.

Currently, the top five reasons for owning a cat or dog are:

- Companionship
- Owner/partner/child always wanted one
- Owner believes that they are easy to look after
- They were rescued
- Fits in with lifestyle

Interesting stats!