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Feeding your cat

It is never an easy task to keep a cat happy with their food. In a cats mind they will only eat when they want, what they want and like to eat little and often, so we have spent a long time perfecting our recipes to make sure they are delicious and nutritious. And we make sure we are not only giving them something that they like, but also something that helps provide optimum health benefits.

Wet food, complete dry food or both?

Every cat has their own preferences when it comes to food. Their taste for the favours and texture they prefer, are formed in kittenhood.

Top Tips for happy mealtimes

Most cats prefer to eat on their own out of the way of the rest of the family. Find a special place to place their bowl away from other pets. Place feeding bowls in quiet locations.

Keep the water bowl away from the food bowl. Cats are very hygienic creatures and like their food and water bowls to be well away from each other (and well away from their litter tray too!)

Cats do like to eat little and often, so leave the correct amount down for them and allow them to eat when they want.

Our feeding guides can be adjusted as required, but do monitor your cats, especially when you have more than one to ensure everyone gets their fair share.

When feeding your cat both our complete premium cat food and our wet ultra-premium cat food, adjust as required:

24hr 3kg 4kg 5kg
Trophy Wet Single Serve Only 2 3 4
Trophy Wet Single Serve plus Trophy Premium Complete 1 + 15g 2 + 20g 2 + 35g






Trophy Premium Cat Food

Trophy Ultra-Premium Wet Cat Food

Every cat is unique and it is our mission to offer every cat a free nutritional consultation via our trained & qualified Trophy nutritional advisers to ensure you know that they are on the right food for their life-stage and are therefore healthy, happy and thriving.