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Underweight Dog? How can you help them to gain weight

It is a sad fact that a lot of dogs are actually overweight and not their ideal, lean, healthy weight. However, some dogs can be too lean and underweight. Here are our top tips for getting a dog that is underweight to their perfect weight.

  • Feed a Trophy Premium Dog Food - these are high in fat/oil and provide a good quality protein source.
  • Check the amount fed and adjust as needed. The great thing about a complete Trophy Premium Food is that that the feeding rates are easily adjustable. 
  • If food is being increased in amount given, feed an additional meal rather than offering overly large meals.
  • If weight loss is due to stress, nervousness and or hyper-activity consider using a herbal blend to help, such as Trophy Easy Going.
  • Consider a food formulated for dogs with digestive problems to help improve digestion and gut function. 
  • Look at feeding Trophy Whole Body to improve condition and appetite.
  • Check that there are no dental problems. If they have inflamed gums or tooth decay the pain this causes, could be stopping them from eating properly.
  • Some dogs can be sensitive to noise and this puts them off eating their meals. Metal tags banging against food bowls can be distracting to noise sensitive dogs, therefore remove the collar before feeding.
  • Ensure the dog is fed away from other pets or distractions, find a special place to feed them.
  • Do make sure your dogs feeding bowl is clean for each meal. It may look like it does not need a wash, but the oils in the food from a previous meal, mixed with saliva will create a nasty smell and put dogs off eating their next meal. 
  • Consult vet if symptoms persist.

Recommended products: Trophy Premium Active, Trophy Premium Hypo-Allergenic, Trophy Premium Duck & Veg, Trophy Lamb & Rice, Trophy Whole Body, and Trophy Easy-Going.