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The Trophy Range of Herbal Blends

With a combination of careful research and the right expertise (we work with one of the country's top herbalists) Trophy has developed a range of superior natural herbal blends. With various uses, the health-related properties of herbs can help your dog lead a healthier life.

These natural herbs have a range of benefits and are reputed to help in many areas:

Nettle is a widely used herb and has many benefits. Particularly useful in helping with the overall health of your dogs skin and coat. Excellent for hair loss and bald patches, it can help the hair to grow back. Can also help to stimulate a dog's appetite, acting as a little 'tonic'.

Seaweed is a naturally high source of minerals and nutrients and can be easily added to your dog’s diet for general nutritional maintenance of the body’s systems. Seaweed is also believed to be beneficial in maintaining pigmentation, coat condition & coat sheen. Dog owners also report that Seaweed can help dogs that suffer from Coprophaghia.

Echinacea which has immune boosting properties. Ideal for wound healing, skin problems, sensitivities & allergies, dull coats, respiratory problems and as an aid to recovery from illness or surgery. 

Fenugreek which can be used as an appetiser - great for dogs that need to gain weight.

Milk thistle an amazing herb which helps support and maintain liver function. The liver is such a vital organ.

Garlic has many benefits - it can help support the digestive system, but it can also form a natural flea repellent! It changes the flavour of your dogs blood, which fleas do not like.

Chamomile which acts as a calming and digestive tonic.

Scullcap which helps to calm and relax.

Mint which helps support the nervous system and is great in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Aniseed which helps improve appetite, promotes digestion and relieves flatulence.

Comfrey leaf helps support a healthy digestive system. 

Devil’s Claw Root is reputed to aid the musculo-skeletal system and in particular dog’s joints.

Dandelion an all round tonic.

Celery seed - great for dogs with stiff joints.

Burdock root - a brilliant and natural antioxidant - helping to get rid of free radicals from the body.

Lemon balm - a stress reliever.

Vervain which supports the nervous system and has calming properties.

Lime flowers can relieve tension and anxiety, to calm dogs who are excitable or restless.

These herbal blends are available in our Trophy Herbal Range and at just £9.50 for a 200g pot, they are well worth trying. Talk to your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser and ask them to add them to your next order.