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Trophy Pet Foods Green Policy

We endeavour to source as many ingredients as locally as possible, supporting British agriculture, and the vast majority of our carefully sourced ingredients are from the UK. Whilst sourcing locally is our goal, premium ingredients is our priority. We make our food in Northamptonshire, therefore we have very few food miles in getting the food to your door. 

Our Premium Holistic Dog Food range reflects this green policy. Trophy Premium Holistic Dog Food is produced in a non plastic, brown paper bag for easy recycling. Trophy Premum Holistic Wet Dog Foods are in the traditional tin, which are widely and easily recycled. 

All our promotional leaflets, publications, newsletters, etc. are printed on a combination of recycled paper and paper that is sourced from sustainable managed forests.

We no longer produce single use carrier bags, part of our long term stratergy on reducing our plastic consumption and have added a reusable canvas bag to our range. You can buy one here! All money received from the sale of this bag will go towards a donation to our local rescue and rehoming centre, here in Oxfordshire, who are in need of mature cat and dog food.

We'd love you to pass on any literature you receive from Trophy to a friend or relative when you have finished with it, to give it a longer life, or recycle it when you're done. Who knows, it may come back to you again as another Trophy newsletter! Our principles are 'reduce, re-use, and recycle'.

From our distribution warehouse in Northamptonshire we ship out all our Trophy foods and accessories to our franchisees all over the UK. This involves a lot of packaging, most of which is made from recycled materials and can be recycled at its destination.To ensure that we can recycle even more, we have installed a cardboard and plastic baler. All our plastic and cardboard is now be sent off to a recycling point to be made into something brand new!

By buying Trophy pet foods you can benefit from low food miles, sustainable sourced ingredients and in supporting a local independent business, manufacturing British pet foods you can even help reduce your own carbon footprint.

Our foods have balanced, complete nutrition and importantly have the correct amount of protein levels for the modern domestic dog or cat. Quality protein is a precious commodity and should not be wasted by adding excessive amounts to pet food. Overly high levels of protein consumed by a dog are simply excreted which (excuse the pun) is a waste.

We are very proud to be independently accredited by The Ethical Company Organisation, read more here.

Here is our Official Environmental Policy Statement:

Trophy Pet Foods recognises its responsibility to respect the environment and will strive to achieve environmental best practice throughout its business activity. The Directors of Trophy Pet Foods Ltd are committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance.

We believe that everyone has a duty of care for the environment and to seek ways to conserve natural resources. We are conscious of environmental issues and we believe that the pursuit of economic growth can be linked to ecological protection. This is a collective issue which is the responsibility of government, business and the community at large. In pursuit of our business goals, we will seek to minimise the wastage of raw materials and energy, and to minimise harmful emissions resulting from our activities. We comply with all relevant legislation concerning the environment.