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Bring Your Dog To Work Day

This Friday is #bringyourdogtoworkday and businesses will be encouraged to let employees bring their dogs in with them in order to raise money for charity.

It is thought by some that having dogs in the workplace can increase productivity with Bring Your Dog to Work Day’s website saying: “Many scientific studies have concluded that the presence of pets can substantially reduce a person’s stress level in the workplace. Increased job satisfaction, team co-operation and morale have all been reported in employees that spend the workday with their pets.”

The day is sponsored by Trophy Pet Foods and we love the idea of being able to take your four legged best friend to work with you. Many of our local Trophy nutritional advisers are lucky enough to take their dogs with them on their deliveries every day! Bring Your Dog to Work Day is a fantastic way to promote the positive effects of spending time with dogs. Being a pet food company, animals are a key part of our business, so I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you that we have two dogs in our offices, Jim & Penny.

Several academic studies have shown a correlation between the presence of dogs in the workplace and declining stress levels within a work force. Dogs offer time for employees to leave their work headspace and enjoy some canine time to wind down and breathe. For a lot of us, the work day is mostly spent sat down, at a desk, with our eyes on a screen. Dogs in the office, encourage us to take a well-earned walk at lunch. Dogs can also be a great conversation starter, giving everyone a chance to build relationships, with colleagues or customers, making the working day much more enjoyable.

Dogs can benefit too! Like most dog owners who work, you may have to leave your dog at home for the day and you may have enlisted the help of dog walkers, doggy day care or helpful family members to create a break in the day for your dog to exercise, and enjoy some company. But so long as your dog is comfortable within your work environment, it is the perfect way to keep pets entertained whilst still getting your work done.

Try it out on Bring Your Dog To Work Day and if you do get involved we’d love to see your #TrophyDog during their day at your workplace. Use  the #BringYourDogToWorkDay hashtag and tag us on Facebook