Trophy Pet Foods Blog

Helpful tips on feeding your dog.

Mealtimes are usually one of the highlights of your dog’s daily routine. Do make sure your dog’s feeding bowl is big enough to get his nose in and give your pet their own bowls for food and water.

A bowl which moves around whilst your dog feeds can be frustrating. Buy one which has grippy rubber feet and if you dog bolts their food down too quickly choose a slow feed bowl, they are very useful and can stop them eating too quickly - see your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser for one.

Wash out water and food bowls daily. Dirty bowls (they may look clean) or bowls encrusted with stale old food may soon cause your dog to lose his healthy appetite.

Split your dog’s daily ration into two meals rather than feeding just once a day - this will help with digestion and general wellbeing.

Never give cooked bones to your dog. They can easily crunch them up and it can cause obstructions in the gut. If you want to give your dog a bone it must be large and raw - large knucklebones are reasonably safe as they won't splinter and can't be swallowed. Better still try an Antler Chew. Ask your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser for a supply of them, your dog will love them and they last ages.

Some dogs are sensitive to noise, and metal tags banging against bowls can be very distracting to sensitive animals at mealtimes. Remove the collar and tag before feeding.

Treats can be great for training but remember that if you use a lot, you will cause your dog to gain weight. Everyone loves to treat their dog, so buy ones that complement their main diet - again your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser can help. Even if your dog is on a diet, it doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy the odd healthy treat between meals. Your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser has a huge variety of natural treats to choose from. Grade them in order of preference, keeping the ones he likes best for use in training, or when asking him to do things he finds difficult.

When it comes to choosing the right food for them, choose a premium quality, natural complete pet food that you know will be tasty, beneficial and digestible. Ensure that the food and recipe is suitable for the age and activity level of your dog. We know that choosing the correct food for your pet can be confusing and without reassurance. We also understand that buying is difficult too with a huge array of pet foods that range from suspiciously cheap to mind-blowingly expensive!

Trophy pet foods are British made at our own plant, nutritionally balanced, natural, ingredient-led and competitively priced. The recipes come with a wealth of key benefits and are optimised for premium nutrition. Your local Trophy Nutritional Adviser can offer a life-stage review or a nutritional consultation to ensure your dog is on the most appropriate food for them.